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100 birds, 100 reasons to visit Spain (100 aves, 100 razones para visitar España)

La primera miniguía totalmente en inglés editada por SEO/BirdLife con el objetivo que las aves abran las puertas de nuestro país al turista extranjero interesado también por nuestro patrimonio natural.

Además de la información sobre aves de interés para el aficionado extranjero ofrece datos sobre la historia, la cultura, el uso de los recursos naturales o la gastronomía española, aspectos todos relacionados con el estado actual de conservación de nuestros paisajes y de su biodiversidad.

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We are proud to offer in our website the first bird guide in English produced by SEO/ BirdLife. It’s called 100 birds, 100 reasons to visit Spain and is designed to communicate the Spain’s international importance as a destination for birdwatching.


The mini-guide bird is the fruit of a collaboration agreement withTurespañaMinistry of Environment and National Parks autonomous body for the promotion of Spain as an international ecotourism destination. Precisely the printed guide was presented in 2013 at the Birdfair, the most important fair in the world for birdwatching and nature tourism, which is held every year in the town of Rutland (UK).


Now, SEO/BirdLife in its commitment to the dissemination of knowledge provides open access to the online version of this book. You can click on the image below to read the book in digital format. We hope that guide will be useful to spread the love for birds and for our country. For SEO/ BirdLife birds are a wonderful natural phenomenon and an indicator of ecosystem conservation and quality of life. So in 2014, the sixtieth anniversary of our organization, we like to repeat: ” We want a world with birds “.


100 birds



Turespaña, the State Secretariat for the Environment and the National Parks Authority have joined efforts with SEO/BirdLife in order to strengthen Spain’s international promotion as an ecotourism and birdwatching destination.


This guide reflects our rich biodiversity by including a selection of 100 bird species which it is hoped will be of interest to enthusiasts from other countries considering a visit to Spain, as an exceptional destination for this growing tourist market.


As its title indicates, these birds also evoke other emotions and experiences in relation to their surroundings and human presence there. The text includes snippets of information related to culture, architecture, history, crafts, gastronomy or local traditions, and in this way the birds take on a central role in this voyage through Spain’s rich biodiversity.


Birds act, not only as bioindicators of an impressive natural richness, but also as attentive local experts, guiding the traveller through the length and breadth of our territory, pointing out several aspects of interest in each of our autonomous regions.


We hope this guide will help you to discover Spain’s natural richness. Come and see us, we are waiting to meet you!.